GROWTH...........,,. FHP Business - Main Object Is To Manufacture Good Quality Consumable Wellness Ayurvedic Products , To Provide Business Ethics & Opportunity To Start FHP Business Of lifetime Earning Potential & Prosperous Secure Future To Everyone , To Provide Good & Excellent Health To Everyone , To Develop A Sense Of Self - Confidence , Activity & Progress , To Build FHP Distributor By Trust , To Provide Best Services To Valuable FHP Distributors & Customers? & Above All , To Establish Goodwill & Reputation Across Country , INDIA . FHP Is Registered With The REGISTRAR OF COMPANIES , GOVERNMENT OF PUNJAB , Under Companies Act 1956 . FHP Manufacturing License, Facility, Wellness Ayurvedic Herbal Products & Dietary Supplements Are Approved By DIRECTOR OF AYURVEDIC DRUGS DEPARTMENT, PUNJAB . FHP Ayurvedacharyas , Management Renowned , Experienced Manufacturing & Direct Selling & Marketing Professionals? Were Able To Foresee The Tremendous Potential In Manufacturing & Marketing Wellness Ayurvedic Herbal Products & Dietary Supplements. All Of Them Together , Re - Analyzed The Ayurveda & Marketing Strategy . Today, Its Results Are Known To All Valuable FHP Distributors? & Customers? To Realize. FHP Scaled Many Glorious Heights? Due To Its Management Professionals? Expertise Awareness And All FHP Distributors Dedicated Working.FHP Has Moved Ahead With More Enthusiasm & Energy To Clearly Establish Itself As One Of The Leading Company In Our Country , INDIA In Advancing FHP Business Concept Of Direct Sales & Multilevel Network Marketing Business Of FHP Consumable Wellness Ayurvedic Herbal Products And Dietary Supplements At Affordable Prices.FHP - Main Object Is To Provide An Unique Opportunity To Make Every Person Self - Employed By Online Joining Through Sponsoring To Start Own Managed Direct Sales & Multilevel Network Marketing FHP Business According To Their Daily Routine Work   While Devoting Some Time With Adoptability .It Is True ,  In FHP Direct Sales & Multilevel Network Marketing Business , There Is No Middle Person's Profit Income Involve ,So ,Middle Person's Profit Income Saved This Way Is Shared Among The FHP Distributor's  Network Group According To Their Business.FHP - Serve Its Distributors With Dedicated & Innovative Business Ethics To Fulfill Their Dreams , Ambition &  Strong Desire To Build A Successful FHP Business . FHP Is Based On A Successful , Innovative , Ethical Business Standards? & Committed To Everyone Success By Launching The Best Quality Eco - Friendly Consumable Wellness Ayurvedic Herbal Products And Dietary Supplements.