The Business Strategy & Philosophy Of Life Towards Dedicated Working Ability Of Mr. Vijay Arora Inspires To Develop FHP Business To Excel & To Realize Every INDIAN A Healthy & Prosperous Lifestyle Being To Control Their Life Self Improvement Themselves With Time Freedom , Financial Freedom While Building Their Own Direct Selling & Multilevel Network Marketing Business Of FHP Wellness Herbal Products To Improve Their Health & Vitality. According To Robert Kiyosaki , An American Businessman & Educator , " Today Network Marketing Is The Largest Growing Business In The World ," So , All Of Us Are Connected To It. All Of Us Have To Work Untidily With Each Other To Fulfill Dreams And Goals Not Only Ours But All The People Who Are Working With Us .FHP Business Superb Concept To Work Unitedly & To Move INDIAN People Towards Wellness By Promoting Wellness Herbal Products & Dietary Supplements .Five Years Ago , In The First Edition Of " Wellness Revolution " 'Paul Zane Pilzer ' Stated That " Wellness " Is A Developing Industry Worth £ 200 Billion. Today , It Has Increased To £500 Billion And It Is Just Its Beginning. From These Figures? We Can Estimate That We Are Living In Which Kind Of World And How Bright Our Future Will Be. We Have To Develop Wellness By Promoting FHP Herbal Products, Food & Dietary Supplements? Along With Gaining Wealth. Your Colligation with FHP Business Is Valuable & Your Dedication Towards Working Is Recommendable To Help People To Gain Health & Wealth. We Are One And We Have To Work & Grow Together With The Help Of Wellness To Reach Our Goal To Make People Healthy & To Make People Wealthy.


“HEALTH IS WEALTH “Is A Famous Saying, Also It Fits To Everyone & Is As True As Our Life. This Noble Fact Reveals Us The Precious Gift Of Life That Is Necessary For Living A Purposeful Life. FHP - Dr. Bharat Bhushan Sahi , Business Development Director ,Research & Development Experts , Ayurvedacharyas And Doctors Realise This True & Purposeful? Life Aim To Maintain Good Health And Stress Free Mind Of Every Human Being As Well As To Make Able To Build Healthy & Prosperous Society.They Re-Analyzed Ancient Ayurveda With Patience , Passion , Perseverance & Intensively And On The Basis Of Their In Depth , Detail & Hard Grained Research They Invent And Develop Wellness Ayurvedic Herbal Formulations? And Dietary Supplements Compositions To Launch Their Own FHP Trade Mark Internationally Acclaimed Technology Best Quality Natural And Pure Ayurvedic Product Range Of Health Care , Personal Care , FMCG , Home Care , Agriculture , Readymade Garments Etc. To Provide Help In The Treatment Of Various Diseases & Health Problems To Improve And Maintain Healthy Life , Longevity And To Enhance Prosperous Lifestyle . FHP Company Quality Commitment Is The Strong Tool To Build The Credibility And To Gain The Goodwill As Well As Trust Of The Society. Good Health Assists To Keep Everyone Physically , Mentally , Socially Healthy And Make Everyone Capable To Awaken The Society To Know The Benefits Of FHP Wellness Ayurvedic Natural & Pure Herbal Products And Dietary Supplements That Helps To Promote All Of Us The Real Wealth Of Good Physique And Mind Which Enables Everyone To Enjoy Whole Life While Managing Our Own FHP Company Wellness Ayurvedic Products Based Sales & Direct Network Marketing Business As Well As Other Social Challenges Of Life Like Happiness , Prosperity And Future Security For The Well Being Of people All Over The World. Believe In Your Own Dedication Towards Working Because Miracle Must Happens With Our Aim & Dedicated Best Work Efforts To Achieve Your Dreams And To Encourage Other People While Doing Your Own FHP Sales & Direct Network Marketing Business To Succeed And Earn More Income , Health , Happiness , Prosperity , Social Recognition And Future Growth While Awakening The Other People Around The World About The Benefits Of Ancient Ayurveda Wisdom Based Having Protective & Healing Power Of Herbs FHP Wellness Ayurvedic Products & Dietary Supplements & Share Your Own FHP Glorious Business Career Experiences To Make Them Capable To Succeed & Earn More Income For Prosperous Lifestyle And Future Security And Growth.


" AYURVED " - Science Of Life” & its Basic Theme Is “GOOD HEALTH FOREVER TO BE HAPPY FOREVER.” Ayurved Is One Of The Best Systems? Of Medicine That Developed In Ancient Times To Maintain Health & Vatility . Ayurved Is One Of The World's Oldest & The Best Whole Body Healing Systems That Based On The Belief That Good Health & Wellness Depend On The Balance A Balance Between The Mind , Body Spirit & Three Life Energies Called Doshas - Vata - Pitta & Kapha That Control How Human Body Works , When The Balance Between Them Upset & Distrupt Then Body Becomes Sick . Ancient Ayurveda Health & Life - Longevity Science System With The Historical Roots Of More Than 5,000 BCE Systematic Wellness Knowledge Regarding Wellness Ayurvedic Herbs & Minerals? Compositions. According To Charaka Samitha , Bhella Samitha And Sushruta Samitha That Ayurveda God Dhanvantri Transmit This Knowledge Of Wellness Herbs And Minerals Composition's System To Sagas & Vaidyas For Diversifying Ayurveda Therapy Based Herbal Compound Compositions And In Rasa Shastra Mineral & Metal Substances Formulations To Integrate These In General Wellness Applications And In Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine System For Assisting In Healing And Prevention Treatment Of Various Health Diseases And For Improving Health Vitality .

FHP Management Team Renowned And Experienced Professionals? Strive To Conduct Wellness Ayurvedic Products & Dietary Supplements Based Business In A Manner That Reflects FHP Company Vision And FHP Brand Essence As The Sourcing Base That Expands With Those People Who Are Committed To A Long Term Relationship Focusing On Mutual Growth And Trust Within The Bounds Of FHP Business Ethics , Rules & Regulations.FHP Management Team Expert's Goal Is To Manufacture , Selling Wellness Ayurvedic Products , Dietary Supplements And Services Having The Best Price, Quality, Delivery And Online Internet Technology.FHP Company Always Prefer To Launch Innovative Wellness Ayurvedic Products , Dietary Supplements? And Services In The Market Which Are Helpful To Improve The Health And To Enhance The Life-Style Of The People While Doing FHP Wellness Ayurvedic Products & Dietary Supplements Business. FHP Professionals? Teach & Encourage People To Use FHP Trade Mark Products In Their Homes To Cater Their Requirements And Would Prefer People Enduring These Products To Their Known Persons Where All Criteria Requirements Are Being Met.FHP Management Aim Is To Provide Seamless Customer Service Of FHP Products Distribution & To Build Your Greater Network Marketing Business. FHP Management Team Believes? And Expects The Highest Standards Of Integrity For Conducting FHP Wellness Ayurvedic Products Based Business With Full Satisfaction Services And It Is An Important Tool To Continuously Improve And Further Develop It's Internal And External? Processes With Every Person In Order To Obtain Unbiased Feedback.FHP Management Recognizes Successive Performance Of Every Person Who Is Doing FHP Wellness Ayurvedic Products & Dietary Supplements Based Business By Presenting Performance Awards And Bonuses On The Basis Of Their Business Volume. Successive And Good Performer Persons Would Also Be Entitled To Get Other Better Performance Bonuses.                                                          FHP Company - Each & Every Authorized Distributor Plays A Very Vital Role In Enhancing Your & Own FHP Wellness Ayurvedic Products Based 

Direct Selling & Network Multilevel Marketing Business .We At FHP Company Always Look Forward & Need Everyone Support To Surge Forward Towards Meeting Our Vision To Fulfill Everyone Dream Of Healthy & Prosperous Lifestyle And In Near Future To Make FHP The Most Loved Brand Enriching The lives Of Everyone With An " On - Line Access Internet " FHP Products Based Business System Ethics & Engage Meaningfully On A Day To Day Activeness? Basis For Fulfilling Their Dreams And Ambitions?.

Thanks & Regards .FHP-Dr.Bharat Bhushan Sahi