• FHP Nat – Thyro Care Tablet Herbal Formulation's Valuable And Effective Ingredients Assist In The Treatment To Maintain The Natural Function Of Thyroid Glands For Producing Balanced , Essential And Vital Harmones Required By The Human Body To Regulate Metabolism. This Tablet Helps To Protect From The Slow Down Working Of Metabolic Processes , Which Can Lead To So Many Symptoms Of Thyroid Gland Function Disorders.
  • FHP Nat – Thyro Care Tablet Assists In The Remedy To Check These Disorders Such As Feeling Run Down And Tired , Confusion , Feeling Sluggish , Distrub Sleep , High Blood Pressure , Slow And Fast Heart Beat , Hair Loss , Anxiety , Restlessness , Dry Skin , Brittle Nails , Tingling And Numbness In The Hands Or Fingers ,  Puffiness Around The Eyes , High Cholesterol Level , Loss Of Bone Density , Body Temperature And Pulsation Of Heart .
  • FHP Nat – Thyro Care Helpful In The Treatment To Improve Nervousness , Poor Concentration , Irritability And Depression. FHP Nat – Thyro Care Tablet Provides Assistance In The Healing Of Muscle Aches And Cramps , Eyes And Face Swelling , Trembling Of Hands , Arms , Legs , Head , Face And Tongue . An Ayurvedic Formulation Tablet Helps In The Treatment To Improve Irregularities Women Menstrual Cycle & Abnormal Blood Flow , Heat And Cold Intolerance.
  • FHP Nat – Thyro Care Assists In Process Of Healing To Control Enlargement Of Thyroid Gland , Swelling In Thyroid Gland , Neck Pain , Sore Throat ,  FHP Nat- Thyro Care Tablet Assists In The Treatment To Reduce And Prevent Such Health Problems And Thyroid Disease Cause Symptoms l Because Of Over Or Under Function Of The Thyroid Gland. FHP Nat-Thyro Care Tablet Provides Assistance In The Treatment Of Inflammation And Enlargement Of The Thyroid Gland In The Neck , To Reduce Swallowing Difficulty And Discomfort In Neck Front.

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